Support Our Work

Among our accomplishments, the Lundy Foundation:

  • Has helped the AIDS orphans of an African village create a center where they received nurturing and care.
  • Has pioneered a research protocol that measures children’s well-being used globally to improve young lives.
  • Is advocating in Congress to pass legislation that will ensure U.S. foreign aid is spent wisely and is creating the intended results.
  • Has successfully worked with Test & Treat to End AIDS (TTEA), an international partnership consisting of clinical, policy and research experts in HIV/AIDS, to win support for a new approach to eliminate HIV infections around the globe using existing technologies.
  • Has explained how immediately treating anyone testing positive for HIV can greatly reduce new infections and wind down the AIDS epidemic (interview, Colorado Public Radio, November 2011).
  • Has conducted a closed door briefing on Capitol Hill for members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives on how test-and-treat can save significant taxpayer dollars and lives.
  • Has leveraged with TTEA $100,000 of donor funds into $110 million of federal support for the test-and-treat strategy — a return of $1,100 for every dollar donated.
  • Has consistently emphasized efficient and effective use of donations, with approximately 90 cents of every dollar donated going to programs.

We invite you to join us in impacting lives around the globe by making a tax-deductible contribution. Contributions for those 70 years and older made directly from a qualified IRA account meet required minimum distribution(RMD) rules up to $100,000 annually and are a tax-free transfer (non- taxable).

For more information, please contact Victor Dukay: or 303-825-0888 ext. 3 (USA)